APAVIATA Glass Water Bottle Review

We’ve been talking about glass water bottles quite a bit lately here at Hydration Anywhere, so we were excited to get our hands on some new bottles we’d never tried before just to see whats out there. When the opportunity to review the APAVIATA 18.5 Ounce Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle (~$18 on Amazon) was offered by the kind folks at ApaViata, we jumped at it. Being a beautiful day when the FedEx man delivered our APAVIATA, I decided I would take a stroll in the park to test out my new glass water bottle in the real world.
APAVIATA 18.5 Ounce Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle at the Park

Meet the APAVIATAApaviata Glass Water Bottle Back View with Handle

Made from a tough borosilicate glass, fitted with a stainless steel cap and equipped with a neoprene sleeve, the APAVIATA is pretty straight forward. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it gets the job done well and water stored in the APAVIATA will not pick up any flavors or acquire contaminants from the bottle. Made with eco-friendly principles in mind, the APAVIATA is 100% BPA-free – in fact, it is almost entirely free of plastic except for a small washer on the lid which prevents leakage but does contact the contents.

As part of their environmentally friendly mission, APAVIATA donates 15% of their revenue to the WorldHelp Organization to help build clean drinking water wells in developing nations which need it most.

Aside from being a bottle constructed of one of the highest quality container materials available, the main convenience the APAVIATA provides users is its neoprene sleeve. The sleeve provides a bit of reinforcement to cushion the glass from falls or rough handling, includes a handy belt clip and handle and even provides a little insulation for the contents of the bottle.

My First Impressions

The packaging for the APAVIATA looks pretty nice and it was delivered safely. When I first opened the box I immediately noticed a pretty strong chemical smell which some might find rather off putting. I pretty quickly realized a lot of this smell was coming from the neoprene sleeve and not from the bottle itself. After rinsing out the bottle, the glass and cap were completely free of any chemical scent, although the sleeve will probably take awhile to air out.

As for the glass, it feels quite durable and thick. This is clearly not some mediocre glass – this is the tough stuff, built to take some abuse without shattering. Borosilicate glass is one of the most durable forms of glass available and often used for high-stress operations such as in glassware for scientific laboratories and industrial production facilities.

APAVIATA Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Neoprene Sleeve and Box

A Stroll with APAVIATA

I took my APAVIATA for a stroll to see how I liked it in the real world. At first I felt worried that it would readily slip and fall from its sleeve, but I was reassured after awhile that it is pretty snugly fit in there. Although it is possible to get the bottle to fall from the sleeve if you jostle it enough, for the most part the sleeve works quite well to keep the bottle in place. This is good because when using the handle the bottle has a natural tendency to lean slightly forward and potentially slip if the sleeve was too loose. For now it works quite well, but I worry somewhat that if the sleeve wears out over time it may become more prone to slipping.

As I walked with my APAVIATA I got more comfortable using the handle and grasping the bottle and found it natural and easy to hold after awhile. The handle is definitely a great addition and the neoprene sleeve is much nicer to grasp than trying to cling to glass, especially if its slippery from washing or filling. I also tried out the belt clip by clipping it to the strap on my camera bag and found it worked quite well, supporting the bottle adequately and keeping it upright even though it was totally full.

APAVIATA Borosilicate 18.5 Ounce Glass Water Bottle under a tree

Fresh, Clean Water

Even after a few hours wandering around with water sitting in the bottle, the water in my APAVIATA was just as fresh and delicious as when I put it in. Drinking from the bottle is pleasant as the relatively narrow-mouth opening provides adequate flow rate and is easy to fit to the mouth without spilling any or being unwieldly like some wider-mouths can be.

The APAVIATA is impressively leak proof. If the lid is properly fastened, no amount of shaking or jostling seems to coax any leakage from the seal. This is great and puts the APAVIATA leagues ahead of many inferior, leaky bottles.
APAVIATA Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Sleeve at Park

Review Summary

Appearance: 8.5/10

We think the APAVIATA has a nice look going on whether its in its sleeve or out. With the sleeve on, it looks quite modern and nice, and with the sleeve off it has a cool minimalist glass appeal of its own.

Functionality: 7.5/10APAVIATA in Green

With its neoprene sleeve, handle, belt clip, large 18.5 ounce capacity with relatively small footprint, and stainless steel leakproof lid, the APAVIATA definitely brings some great features to the table.

However, we had to dock a few points off functionality. One of the main reasons is that the narrow mouth of the bottle makes it difficult to clean without a bottle brush or some other cleaning methods like the ones we outlined in the “How To Clean Your Water Bottle” article. This small mouth also means that it would be difficult to fit normal sized ice cubes into the APAVIATA. On the other hand, the small mouth has the benefit of providing an excellent flow rate for drinking and reducing the overall size of the APAVIATA.

Since the APAVIATA is not an insulated bottle, we can’t expect it to keep things hot or cold much. Yet the thick glass and neoprene sleeve do provide an insulating factor better than many other containers would. The sleeve also proves useful if your bottles contents are too hot or cold to handle, shielding your hand from the heat or cold.

Durability: 8

As far as having a 100% glass container, there are few offerings any tougher than the APAVIATA. Its definitely durable – resistant to breaking and if properly cared for bound to last a life time. There is some concern about the neoprene sleeve gradually wearing out over time and not providing quite as snug of a fit, but there are no other components which raise any concern.

Cost: 7.5

At about $18 on Amazon, the APAVIATA is reasonably priced. While what you get is simple, it is made from high quality components built to survive everyday use and performs its job admirably.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The APAVIATA is an ideal everyday glass water bottle for those who aren’t worried about insulation. Great for use on the go, the APAVIATA is sure to always leave your water tasting fresh thanks to its high quality borosilicate glass construction.

APAVIATA 18.5 Ounce Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle in a Tree

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All-Glass Container Material
Durable Borosilicate Glass
Neoprene Sleeve For Easy Carrying


Narrow-Mouth Makes Cleaning Difficult

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4 stars
  • 80%

The APAVIATA Borosilicate Glass is a simple and stylish all-glass container fitted with a neoprene sleeve for easy handling.

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