The Most Affordable Way To Clean Your Water Bottle

Ever dealt with a gunked up, nasty, foul-smelling water bottle? It is the fate of anyone who fails to maintain a bit of basic sanitation in owning their water bottle. For those who struggle to keep it clean, there is a simple, affordable way to get the job done with almost zero effort.


Previously here on Hydration Anywhere we have looked at Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner among other ways to keep a clean water bottle. For those unfamiliar with Bottle Bright, they are simply effervescing tabs which react with water to create a powerful effervescence capable of dislodging nasty gunk while killing bacteria. The result? A nice, fresh, clean water bottle.

Now, don’t get us wrong – Bottle Bright is a great product. But recently we’ve been trying out a trick which we’ve know about for awhile, and it gets all of the great results of Bottle Bright at literally a fraction of a fraction of the price.

Cleaning Your Water Bottle with Efferdent

Bottle Bright does a good job, but at $8 for 10 tabs on, it is certainly not a cheap product. This seems reasonable at first, given that it does do a great job (it did exceptionally well when we tested it in our review) but as it turns out, you can do the same thing for so much cheaper.

efferdent antimicrobial water bottle tablet cleanerAs it turns out, for about the same price as a 10-pack of Bottle Bright, you can get 120 Efferdent tabs. Although marketed as denture cleaners, these are practically the exact same thing as Bottle Bright tabs. The only real difference is who they are marketed to. Efferdent has a long history of safe use in cleaning dental products including dentures, dental appliances, retainers, and other things all intended to be used in the mouth.

This means it is entirely safe to clean a water bottle with! Just like any other cleaning product, make sure you rinse your bottle very thoroughly after usage, and you are good to go. Efferdent has a powerful cleaning action and strong anti-microbial power to make sure your water bottles stay just as sparkling clean as any other product on the market. Yet being privvy to this simple little trick can save you big money the next time you decide to clean your bottle!

All you do is fill the bottle with warm water, toss in an Efferdent tab, and wait for the fizzing action to stop. Clean with normal soap and water afterwards, then rinse thoroughly. Voila! Your bottle will be sparkling clean. Make sure you give some attention to the lid and other parts, too. Consider picking up a bottle brush to tackle particularly hard to reach areas or stubborn gunk.

Check out Efferdent Tabs (120 Count) on for ~$7


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Find out how to keep your water bottle as good as new for fractions of a cent.

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