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Hydration Now - Hydration Information, Product Reviews, Water News & MoreHydration Anywhere was founded in 2015 with the simple goal of providing a comprehensive, all-in-one resource for everything you need to know about drinking water and staying properly hydrated. With this goal in mind, author Jacob Hatch started blogging about a diverse range of topics. Topics include everything from reviewing water bottles and water filters to examining the complex factors of water management and issues of water scarcity across the globe.

Since its inception, Hydration Anywhere has worked to encourage everyone to build healthy hydration habits. In a world of wasteful disposable beverage containers and unhealthy soft drinks, we advocate for reusable water bottles and plain old H2O.

Keeping this context always in mind, we have grown to touch on a huge range of drinking water-related topics across the Hydration Anywhere blog. Our categories include not only Hydration & Drinking Water, but also Conservation & Environment, Health & Fitness, and Emergency Preparedness.

About Our Authors

Jacob Hatch

Photo of Jacob Hatch. Founder, author, and editor of Hydration Anywhere.

Jacob Hatch is Hydration Anywhere’s founder, editor, and lead author.

Jacob Hatch began Hydration Anywhere in 2015. By then, Jacob had already been closely following and writing about water-related news and topics for over two years. After quitting his addiction to soda in 2005, Jacob became obsessed with proper hydration and began collecting water bottles. He found himself pulled into the subject even deeper when he suffered through a series of apartments with foul-tasting tap water and became something of an expert on the subject of water filters.

After working for a local water filtration company for several years, Jacob began writing and blogging on hydration and drinking water related topics in 2013. Two years later, he decided to focus the efforts of his growing expertise into a single area and created Hydration Anywhere, an ultimate one-stop authority for everything related to hydration and drinking water.

These days Jacob works full time researching topics, reviewing products, and creating content for Hydration Anywhere. When he’s not busy reading or writing on hydration-related topics, he enjoys scuba diving, cycling, yoga, playing the bass guitar, spending time with his small family, and listening to BeBop records.

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Other Contributors

From time to time Hydration Anywhere publishes original content from other contributors. These are authors who we have identified for their expertise and unique outlook on hydration topics. Hydration Anywhere is committed to only providing high-quality content which brings real value to our readers. As such, we never accept contributions written for promotional purposes, “thin” pieces that lack depth of information or quality, and take steps to vet our authors as quality contributors.

If you feel you have something to contribute to our readers, you can reach out through our Contact Page.

Product Reviews and Comparisons

In addition to our efforts to inform and educate about water and hydration, Hydration Anywhere features product reviews for anything related to water, such as water bottles, water filters, hydration packs, water purification systems, and anything else that catches our eye. We are constantly striving to find the best products, be they the greatest bargains, the best in their fields, the most exciting innovators, or the most tried and true classics, in order to bring them to our reader’s attention. Our latest reviews can be found in our Reviews Section.

We can’t betray our love of the humble reusable water bottle. Our daily companions year in and year out, it was with water bottles in mind that the first few articles on Hydration Anywhere were written. Since that day, we’ve become the internet’s leading water bottle blog, with a massive selection of Water Bottle Reviews offering a diversity and depth of selection unrivaled.

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Review Methods

At Hydration Anywhere we work hard to provide our readers with comprehensive reviews featuring expert opinions. We test the products ourselves in our home with our family, seek expert opinions, conduct extensive product research, and read dozens or hundreds of other customer reviews. Our reviews seek to inform and educate our users about how they can use these products to improve their homes and lifestyles. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information and often edit and update our reviews as new information becomes available.

We are open to taking suggestions for reviews and receiving samples from manufacturers. Although we do receive free samples and feature affiliate offers on the website, we do not allow for any “paid” or “fake” reviews. We evaluate all our products personally and professionally to give them our seal of approval before featuring them on the website. Receiving a free sample or participating in a company’s affiliate program does not influence our opinion or factor into our reviews.