A Refreshing Guide To Silver Solution

Water is a vital compound necessary to sustain life. However, drinking water isn’t as safe as it used to be because of increasing environmental pollution that can affect water systems. Hence, silver solution is now being used to clean water. 

Silver is found naturally in the environment. It’s insoluble with sulfides, immobile oxides, and some salts. Silver ions have bacteriostatic properties. Hence, it can be used as an emergency drinking water disinfectant. In addition, silver ions are usually impregnated in water filters to reduce the risk of microbial regrowth.

Understanding Structured Water

You’ll be able to recognize the value of silver solution by understanding structured water

What is structured water? Structured water doesn’t have similar properties as bulk water. This water has been purified vibrationally, neutralizing toxins. In nature, water is naturally structured when it runs over rocks, dances around corners and curves, and when it spins.

Structured water is also called ‘liquid crystalline water.’ This type of water promotes better metabolism, strengthens DNA, provides more energy, and hydrates the cells better.

Here are the important reasons you should use structured water: 

  • Optimal Hydration: The human body cellular system has aquaporin channels, assimilating water molecules. Unstructured water causes the molecules to clump together. On the other hand, structured water hydrates and nourishes the cells because of the proper alignment of molecules, taking less energy when hydrating the body.
  • Energy: Human body needs enough energy to function, which is a crucial part of living. Structured water has clean energy for sustainable balanced energy for the body.
  • Cleaner Water: Structured water creates a positive environment via free stable oxygen, promoting healthy bacteria and avoiding bad bacteria. 
  • Softer Water: The low-surface tension of structured water makes it smoother. Hence, structured water is easier to drink and can be more absorbed by the cells. 
  • Balanced Water: The natural spinning of water is the first stage of structuring. The second phase is energy infusion which brings a natural balance to the structured water and the body.

Component Of Silver Solution

A structured silver solution usually consists of 99.999% water and 0.001% silver, which tastes, smells, and looks like water, and is essential to health. Silver ions have been mixed with water molecules, forming a new silver solution, different from colloidal silvers or tiny silver ions suspended in a liquid.

Creating a refined silver solution entails stringent quality control. The water is purified and then prepared to bind with silver. Using materials science and biophysics principles, the water and the silver are combined, forming a structured silver solution. 

A unique property of silver solution is its pH ranging between 7.3 and 7.5. Take note that the pH scale measures the alkalinity or acidity of materials, like water, with a pH of 7 being neutral. Many silver solutions are acids. So, it’s better to choose a silver solution with mild alkalinity that’s above neutral.

Mechanism Of Action

The structured silver solution kills pathogens in different ways. Here are the mechanisms of action of silver solution:

  • Chemical Contact: Silver solution removes an electron or oxidizes the bacterial membrane and kills it. It recharges itself, stealing electrons from pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and fungus) by using an oxygen atom where the electron leaves.     
  • Germicidal Resonant Frequency: The natural resonant frequency of silver solution is similar to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, destroying the membranes of pathogens and damaging their DNA to render them beyond repair. Because silver ions interfere with the pathogens’ energy sources, they eventually die.
  • Magnetic Viral Disruption: Silver solution can bind with the viruses’ genetic material to prevent viral replication.

Supporting Study

In a nano-silver solution double-blind study, researchers found out that the nanometer-sized silver ions of one brand of silver solution possess antibacterial properties. They have a powerful anti-viral effect in the bird flu virus. The silver solution can also be used to treat resistant infections. Further tests in animal subjects and patients are still necessary to study the efficacy and safety of silver solutions.

How To Use Silver Solution

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label on the proper dosage. Generally, if you’re over 75 lbs, you have to take two teaspoons twice every day. If you’re under 75 lbs, take one teaspoon twice a day. Silver solutions aren’t intended for children four years and below.


Silver solution is a mixture of water and silver, in which the water becomes structured. Structured water is easier to drink and provides plenty of health benefits such as better digestion, metabolism, immunity, and sleep. With all the benefits discussed, taking silver solution daily is a great way to fight pathogens inside the body while maintaining general health and wellness.

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