8 Signs You Need To Install A Water Filter System At Home



Most homeowners assume that their water is safe and clean. But did you know that tap water typically contains impurities, even when it’s tasteless and looks clear? Although several impurities are harmless, other contaminants are toxic and may wreak havoc on your fixtures and appliances.

Even if it’s an extra expense to invest in water filters and treatments like water softener, it’s worth your investment as they can help keep your water clean and free of harmful contaminants. If you don’t know when to consider installing a water filter system, below are some signs you should watch out for:

1 Cloudy Water

If your water looks cloudy, it’s a sign that your water has contaminants. It isn’t only bad for your overall health, but it also has an unpleasant taste. When you continue to use cloudy water, the chemicals will make their way inside your body, which can cause health issues over time. If you don’t want that to happen, install a water filter system immediately.

2 Bad-Tasting Water

One common sign that you need to install whole home water systems or any type of water filter system is when your water tastes bad. Some things may influence the way your water tastes. Sometimes, bad-tasting water may be due to iron, arsenic, lead, or mercury leakage in your water supply.

Although you can always opt to drink bottled water, it may cost you more in the long run. Instead of spending money on bottled water, why not invest in a water filtration system? It’s not only cost-saving, but it can also provide you the convenience of being able to get drinking water straight from the faucet anytime you want.

3 Dry Skin And Hair

In terms of water quality, hard water may cause your skin and hair to dry out. The longer you wash your hair using unfiltered water, the more it becomes weaker and may result in frequent hair loss. The chemicals found in unfiltered water can also cause your scalp to itch and make your skin flaky. To avoid this, test your water quality at home and don’t think twice about installing a water filter system.

4 Stained Or Discolored Clothes 

Did you know that discoloration or stains on your clothes can be due to the water you’re using at home? It’s not your detergent or washing machine that you should change. It’s because water with high iron levels may cause a rusty color to any light-colored clothing. Hard water may also leave your clothes looking dull with a touch of gray. If you recognize that you have this problem, you might need to install a whole house filtration as the best solution.

5 Appliance Trouble

Hard water may cause things in your house to deteriorate faster. It’s not only harmful to your health, but it can also affect your appliances. The chemicals found in unfiltered water may cause internal damage to your appliances and plumbing systems.

Each time hard water runs through your plumbing or appliances, that might cause mineral build-up, which in turn will damage your fixtures. For this reason, bigger appliances like washing machines and dishwashers will be less effective. Coffeemakers and other small appliances may break down over time.

6 Your House Was Constructed Before 1986

Homes constructed before 1986 are more likely to have lead faucets, soldering, and pipes, which can affect the water’s quality. When water has low mineral content or high acidity levels, corrosion from this older equipment can leach lead into your water.

Lead exposure may pose health risks, especially to children. Therefore, installing a water filter system in your old home is necessary to eliminate lead in your water and ensures you have clean drinking water at home.

7 Water Pressure

An indication that your water fixtures require some love and care is when the water pressure has decreased. When it happens, call a plumber to know the real cause of low water pressure as it may be due to clogged or leaking pipes.

If you want to avoid low water pressure from happening again, filters are the best way to ensure proper water flow in the pipe system of your home. It can also help avoid blockage and buildup that can affect your plumbing system’s performance.

8 Presence Of Limescale

Limescale or soap scum is the white and crusty material that builds up on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Limescale is often caused by a build-up of minerals such as magnesium and calcium found in hard water. It’s difficult to remove, and more layers can accumulate over time, which can be troublesome for your health. This is because bacteria and mold can grow on a limescale deposit. Once you notice it, don’t waste your time removing it. Instead, call a professional to clean it for you. You’ll also do yourself a favor if you decide to install a water filter system to minimize trace mineral deposits in your water.

Final Thoughts

Unfiltered water may cause many health problems for you and your family. So when you notice the signs listed on this post, make sure to install a water filter system in your home. With filtered water, you can enjoy fresh, better-tasting, and clean water every day. To know what type of water filter system is best suited for your needs, always ask for help from professionals.

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