7 Cool Water Bottles for Summer 2015

Summer is approaching – what better time to check out some cool new water bottles? Make sure you spend the summer staying hydrated in style and beating the heat with the help of a refreshing drink.

Super Cool Water Bottles to Celebrate Summer

In this round up, I’ve compiled 7 cool water bottles sure to serve us all very well in summer 2015.

1. Asobu The Beat Silicone Hydra Water Bottle (~$27 on Amazon.com)The Beat Silicon Cool Water Bottle Smart Phone Holder

This neat all-silicone bottle contains a slot designed to hold an iPhone 4 or 5. In addition to providing a snug safe space to keep your phone, it also acts to amplify your phones speakers with clever acoustics. The 100% silicone design makes it super durable, and lets you quickly squeeze water out. Holds 18 ounces, dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate free.

2. Vapur Anti-Bottle (~$7 on Amazon.com)

Vapur Anti Bottle

This half liter “Anti-Bottle” from Vapur is a neat collapsible water bottle. When full, the Anit-Bottle stands upright, but when empty, it can easily fold down to fit into a small pocket. It also includes a key ring which can easily be attached to a belt clip or any loop. Dish washer safe and freezable.


3. KOR Nava 650ml Coconut Filter Water Bottle (~$20 on Amazon.com)KOR Nava Filtered Cool Water Bottle

The KOR Nava filtered water bottle has an appealing visual design but an even more interesting functional one. With precision designed flow and ergonomic mouth piece, the Nava is super comfortable to drink from. The carbon activated filter made from 100% coconut shells acts to filter your water as you drink it.


4. Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment (~$12 on Amazon.com)

Kangaroo Cool Water BottleThe Contigo Kangaroo might not look like much, but it brings some neat features to the table. Equipped with its “kangaroo pouch,” the Kangaroo has a storage compartment on the front perfect for holding small items. Contigo’s patented AUTOSEAL Technology ensures the lid of the bottle is always sealed when not in use – simply press a button when you’re ready to drink, and release to engage the auto-seal.


5. MiiR Insulated Growler (~$55 on Amazon.com)MiiR Insulated Growler

The MiiR Insulated Growler is a 64-ounce double wall vacuum insulated growler made from 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel. Advertised to keep things cold for 24+ hours and hot items hot for 12+, the MiiR is a perfect companion on all sorts of summer adventures. Stylishly made, it includes ergonomic hand grooves and a convenient lid.

6. Bobble Water Bottle (~$12 on Amazon.com)

Bobble Filtered Cool Water BottleEquipped with a brightly colored filter, the Bobble is as stylish as it is functional. Filtering the water with a replaceable charcoal filter, every sip through the Bobble is sure to be fresh and clean.


7. bkr Glass Water Bottle with Silicon Sleeve (~$30 on Amazon.com)bkr Glass Cool Water Bottle

The love child between a fashion accessory and a water container, the bkr Bottle is as much as piece of art as an everyday water bottle. For purists, the all-glass design ensures no contamination and only the best taste.


More Cool Water Bottles!

Check out our other articles for plenty of other cool water bottles of all descriptions! Have a great summer and stay hydrated!

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Our round-up of 7 of the coolest water bottles available this summer! We break down the features and give you all the details on these 7 great water bottles.

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