5 Unusual Signs Of Dehydration You Must Pay Attention To

Sometimes, your body loses more water than it’s taking in. When these lost fluids aren’t getting replaced, this is referred to as dehydration. When you’re dehydrated, your body is lacking in necessary fluids, so it’s hard to carry out various bodily functions and processes.

Dehydration Signs You Might Not Be Aware Of

Despite this clear understanding of what dehydration is, you may not explicitly sense dehydration in yourself or someone else. Some people forget to hydrate and go for hours or days without taking in enough fluids. 

Although people who regularly drink fluids may be able to quickly realize when they’re dehydrated, there are those who don’t. These are some unusual signs of dehydration you must pay attention to:

  1. Flushed Or Dry-Looking Skin

You don’t need to have walked five kilometers, done over a hundred skips, and be sweating immensely to be labeled as dehydrated. Parts of the world have adopted versions of dehydration and imagine a person to be someone who’s panting heavily and sweating a lot. However, that isn’t always the case.

Dry skin could be an indication of dehydration. When your body loses fluids, some of the moisture isn’t replenished. Your skin may also get relatively flushed and could become quite sensitive. When this happens, it’s an indication that your body needs some refreshment.

In some cases, your skin may be affected by taking time to return to its normal state when someone touches it. Pay attention to your skin as it could motivate you to consider these tips for staying hydrated consistently.

  1. Bad Breath

Saliva has various antibacterial properties, and these assist in getting rid of bacteria in the mouth, contributing to lesser chances of bad breath. Bad breath is associated with a buildup of bacteria.

Therefore, without saliva, bacterial overgrowth isn’t reduced. Saliva production reduces when your fluid intake is low or when you’re dehydrated. This is also the reason why you wake up with bad breath. Saliva production reduces at night because you aren’t hydrating much.

  1. Food And Sweet Cravings

The next time you hear the voice in your head screaming for some sugary jellies and other sweets, respond by having a glass of water. Dehydration could affect the functioning of organs such as the liver, and the water required to release stored glucose is reduced. If parts of your glycogen aren’t being released seamlessly, then you’re likely to experience some food or sweet cravings.

Your body may experience some trouble in the breaking down of glycogen and the release of glucose. If glucose isn’t being released into the bloodstream to be used as a fuel, you may find yourself having an increased craving for sweets. Therefore, you may think you understand dehydration and what it entails, but your sweet cravings may prove you wrong.


  1. Headaches

Perhaps it’s not your kids making noise or it’s not the stress of your work giving you a headache. Maybe it’s because you’ve forgotten to drink enough fluids. Rehydrating is an easy thing to forget about, particularly within the busy environment of the world. A headache could be more than just stress as it could be a symptom of dehydration.

When you experience a dehydration headache, the fluids and electrolytes within your body are having an imbalance. This may allow your brain to shrink or contract temporarily. Although it may not be as extensive as a migraine, the pulling away of your brain from your skull due to contracting results in a headache. 


  1. Muscle Cramps

Sometimes, your body may lose fluids to the point where it can’t cool itself well due to immense heat. This could cause various problems within your body. 

Heat illnesses could be detected through muscle cramps. The cramps you experience while having your afternoon run could be a recurring sign to drink water and stay hydrated.

Your muscles could be affected by the heat as they continue to work hard in such conditions. Since there’s an imbalance of fluids and electrolytes, lots of changes occur in the body with regard to electrolytes, which could result in muscle cramps. Perhaps, the solution you need is a glass of water or a sports drink with electrolytes.


Stay Hydrated

Maybe an answer to your body system problems is a cup of water. You may want to consider paying attention to these unusual signs and be conscious of the fact that there’s a lot of things that could make you dehydrated. They could act as reminders to rehydrate, so take note of the ideas mentioned here and make sure to drink water regularly.

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