5 Easy Ways to Save Water at Home

United States Drought Monitor Shows How Essential it is to Save WaterTaking a look at the handy U.S. Drought Monitor it is easy to see why water conservation is such an important issue. Large parts of the United States are listed as “abnormally dry,” with severe droughts impacting the western and southern parts of the country. With populations continuing to grow and the demand for water increasing every day, it is essential for everyone to don the mantle of the water conservationist and do their part to protect our most important natural resource. There are so many ways we can save water at home, at school, at work, in the bathroom, the kitchen, even outdoors!


Best Ways To Save Water

Below we’ve compiled 5 easy ways to save water. These are simple habits you can add to your daily life. In addition to being good ways to save water, they are also great ways to save on the water bill. Practicing green, environmentally friendly living habits in your daily life is all it takes to make the world a better place.

5. Wash WiselySave water by washing dishes wisely

If you have just a few dishes, don’t fire up the dish washer to get them clean! Instead, wash them by hand and try to use the water carefully – rinse your dishes well, but don’t let the water run if its not in use.

Other Ways to Save Water in the Kitchen:

  • Accurately measure the amount of water you need for cooking various dishes to prevent waste.

4. Mulch Your Garden

Everyday millions of gallons of water are used to water private yards and gardens. While it might be a nice way to keep things pretty and green, this massive expenditure of water is also a major source of waste. If you have a garden that needs watering, surround your plants and garden bed with several inches of quality, absorbent mulch.

The mulch both holds water and helps to slow evaporation. The result? Healthier plants and far less water consumption!

Other Ways to Save Water Outdoors:

  • Pay attention to the water requirements of different plants in your yard and garden. You might be over-watering some of them without even knowing it! Being aware of the water requirements of your plants is helpful not only for the health of your garden, but its also a good way to save water!

3. DIY Low Flush ToiletConserve water with a DIY Low Flow Toilet

You can save some water every time you flush with this simple life hack! This may well be one of the best ways to save water thanks to its simplicity and practicality. Take a liter- or half-gallon bottle, fill it with water, close the lid and put it into the water tank on your toilet. Depending on how much water you added, the bottle will displace some of the water in your toilets reservoir. If you balance it properly, you can still get a powerful flush but use substantially less water every time.

It adds up! Give it a try and experiment with how much water is in the container and how that impacts your flushing power.

Other Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

  • If you want to get really serious about water conservation, you can install toilets with multiple flushing options to use less water when you don’t need a full powered flush. This can be quite expensive though. If you aren’t too squeamish, applying the “if its yellow, let it mellow; if its brown, flush it down” policy can actually be a good way to save on the water bill and the electricity bill.

2. Regularly Check for Leaks and Watch Your Water Bill

There is nothing more wasteful than a leaky faucet – all that good water just dripping out, going nowhere and doing nothing but running up your bill and wasting a precious resource. We can all do our part for water conservation by regularly checking pipes and faucets for leaks. While leaks are often easy to spot indoors, they can often go long unnoticed outdoors. Do routine checks of all your faucets and any pipes which are accessible to check for leaks.

If you experience a sudden loss of water pressure, a leak might be the culprit. It can also be costing you big bucks for no reason. Keep a close eye on your water bill and if you notice any unusual peaks, be sure to have a thorough inspection of your water system.

More of the Best Ways to Save Water:

  • While having a leak in your plumbing or faucets can be a big deal and something few would overlook, things like leaky hoses or other attachments to the water system are easier to turn a blind eye to. Yet, when we look at how we can save water, we really need to take into account where all of our usage is going! A few small leaks in your hose might seem like no big deal, but over months or year of usage, that tiny leak can mean lots of water wasted unnecessarily.

1. Take Conservative Showers

We can all save a whole lot of water by being savvy with our water usage. When you shower, it is tempting to leave the water running the whole time. But showering with conserving water in mind can be far better for your bottom line (and the planet) while getting you just as clean!Save water just by thinking about how you shower!

Try only using water in the shower to get wet or rinse off. Get in, soak up some water, then turn it off and get clean. Rinse off when your ready, and shut the water off again. This minimalist showering technique saves water and electricity.

Other Ways to Save Water While Bathing

  • If your shower has a lot of water pressure, reducing the pressure can be a great way to seriously reduce the amount of water in each shower without even altering your habits. While not having enough pressure in the shower can be a lousy experience, if your shower head gushes like a fire hydrant, you can probably turn it down substantially and still get a great shower. Easily one of the best ways to save water!

Other Ways Easy Ways to Save Water

As we explored in our article on the bottled water industry, it takes way more water to produce a bottle of water than is actually in it. You can conserve water where ever you are by never buying bottled water, and instead picking up an eco-friendly water bottle.


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Conserving water is great for your bills as well as the environment! Take a look at these 5 easy ways to save water at home and save some money as well.

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