5 Easy Ways To Drink More Water

Are you getting enough water in your day to day life? Many of us are not. According to studies done by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as much as 43% of Americans’ drink less than 4 cups of water per day!


While water intake requirements vary from individual to individual, this is still something of a shocking statistic. Personally, I could not imagine going a full day drinking less than 4 cups of water – I’d be parched! Yet for many people, drinking water is something of a chore and easy to forget or put off, regardless of how important it might be for their health.

The key to getting enough water intake everyday is to build good habits which integrate drinking water into your daily rituals. Although this might sound like a difficult task, it can be accomplished by taking simple steps towards increasing your intake. To help you along the way, we’ve put together these five simple tips which can help you drink more water everyday.


5. Drink Cold Water

Iced Water In GlassCold water can be far more refreshing and enjoyable to drink than regular tap water or room temperature water. While there is some debate about the health benefits of cold vs. room-temperature drinking water, overall everyone can agree that of prime importance is staying properly hydrated. Personally, I know many people who prefer the sensation of drinking chilled water, and if it helps you increase your water intake, then it is certainly worth doing!

Drinking cold water has shown to have its own health benefits, like improving performance during exercise, and even helps burn calories.

For those who prefer iced water, it is a better time than ever to pick up an insulated water bottle which will enable you to carry your ice cold, refreshing water to hydrate everywhere you go. Check out our Best Insulated Water Bottles article to take a look at some of the options. Insulated stainless steel bottles, such as the Hydro Flask, employ vacuum insulating technology capable of keeping the contents of the bottle cold for 24+ hours. If you keep your bottle frosty with ice, you’ll never have to take an unchilled drink again.

4. Set a Timer

If you really struggle with your water intake, a simple solution is to just set up a timer. Figure out your daily water goals and set regular timers to help you remember to take a drink. Either on your phone, computer, watch, or even an old-school egg timer, set a timer for every hour of two. When you hear it go off, drink a glass of water (or more, listen to your body’s hydration needs!)FitBit Fitness Tracker Can Track Water Consumption

To make things even simpler, there are now several great apps that track your water intake and provide helpful reminders throughout the day to drink more water. An ideal way to track your intake while simultaneously reminidng yourself to drink up, apps like Water Alert (iOS) or Water Drink Reminder (Android) provide a very useful service for those of us who need a little reminder to hydrate.

Fitness trackers such as the Fitbit or UP3 by Jawbone include water consumption trackers along with their host of fitness tracking features. Much like the apps above, the Fitbit and similar devices have in-depth tracking and reminders allowing you to track, visualize, and maintain your intake.

3. Drink With Meals

Drink Water With Your MealsDrinking water with your meals is an excellent way to increase water intake. Not only will it establish good habits to help improve your hydration, it has health benefits of its own. According to the Mayo Clinic water helps to break down food and aid digestion.

Establish the habit of getting a glass of water with your meal. If you’re eating out, save yourself some money and just opt for water. Your health will thank you for skipping out on the sugary drinks!


2. Get the Right Water Bottle

H2O Pal Smart Hydration Tracking Water Bottle ReviewIf you’re still buying bottled water, it is long past time to stop. Not only is it a waste of money, it is terrible for the environment, and not a good way to meet your daily water intake.

Modern water bottles are part fashion accessory, part sports gear, and part everyday container. With a huge wealth of options, choosing the right water bottle can provide a nice bit of motivation to keep hydrated. When you have the right bottle, filling it, drinking from it, and carrying it throughout your day become a second-nature. Once you’ve found the right bottle, you’ll probably feel naked leaving the house without it!

While any old water bottle can do the trick to help you hydrate more everyday, the super-modern fad of the digital Smart Bottle can encourage you to drink water in all sorts of ways. A good example of this is the H2O Pal Water Consumption Tracking Smart Bottle. This nifty device keeps track of your water intake as you drink it, and can even provide you with reminders when it notices you haven’t been drinking enough water.

Take some time to browse through the huge range of water bottles available to choose from. Need some help? Check out our Best Water Bottles of 2016 article, or browse our Reviews section to get started!

1. Flavor Your Water

Making Lemon Infused Yerba Mate with the MIU COLOR Glass Water BottleAdding even just a little hint of flavor can be an excellent way to make your water more enjoyable to drink. Water additives are available which add some flavor and sometimes sugar, vitamins, or even supplements to your drink. These can be good for some, with options like Mio Water Enhancer or Stur Stevia Water Enhancer being increasingly popular choices for adding a bit of tang or sweetness to your drinking water.

Of course you don’t need to buy something as purpose-made as a “water enhancer” just to get some flavor in your water. Your favorite fruit will do! Just cut up some lemons or whatever you prefer a toss them into your water. Stir it up a bit and voila, delicious flavored water.

For big fans of infused water, investing in a nice water bottle with infuser might be worthwhile. The MIU COLOR (~$26 on Amazon) is an example of such a bottle: a borosilicate glass water bottle with a small strainer at the bottom that acts as an infuser. Just toss in some tea or fruit, fill with water, and your water will rapidly be infused with flavor! We did a complete review of the MIU COLOR, which you can find here.



Healthy habits build a healthy lifestyle! Be aware of how much water you are drinking and pay close attention to the hydration needs of your body.

Hope these tips helped. Thanks for reading! Have any more ideas on simple ways to make sure you’re drinking enough water? We’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a line in the comment section below!

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Learn simple tips to improving your daily hydration. Use our easy methods to make drinking water more enjoyable, track your intake, and improve your health.

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