4 Ways To Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

You must have come across the statement ‘water is life’ countless times, but have you ever wondered how this could relate to your daily living? Medical experts recommend taking in as much fluid as possible depending on your environment and daily activities. 

For instance, if you live in hot regions, your body is likely to lose a lot of water through sweating. You’ll also experience the same if you’re involved in heavy daily activities. Depending on your body’s metabolism, how much water you should take in would vary.

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Be Hydrated!

Other factors playing a role in how much water your body needs include age, weight, and gender. Are you thinking about the things that can happen if you fail to meet the daily recommended water intake rate? Your digestion might be gravely affected hence, leading to constipation; it may also lead to saggy skin, loss of muscle mass, and loss of energy.

To avoid all these issues, you need to ensure your body is constantly hydrated. How do you do so? Read on to learn more!

  1. Drink Water Regularly

Such a simple solution, right? Well, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who ignore this factor. In fact, some can go for days, let alone hours, without drinking a glass of water. The best thing about water is it doesn’t have any added calories or sugar. As such, it’s safe for anyone to drink it throughout the day without messing with their dietary program.

The most common question regarding this subject is always about the amount of water one should drink per day. For the average adult, the daily fluid intake should be at least three and two liters for men and women respectively. Keep in mind, this recommendation covers all fluids along with the water you receive from food. 

What about the eight-glasses-a-day suggestion? One thing you need to note is this doesn’t apply to everyone. As earlier stated, your daily activities and climatic conditions play a huge role in your hydration and dehydration. Therefore, taking eight glasses of water can be enough for you but not sufficient or too much for someone else. All you need to do is modify your intake based on your environment and how your body reacts to the changes.

  1. Drink Low-Fat Milk

Milk is known for its supply of various nutrients, but it’s rarely talked about in terms of hydration. Milk has some of the best hydrating properties among most of the fluids you take in every day. Its components consist of a high concentration of electrolytes, which are responsible for the balancing of your bodily fluids.

If you’re looking for the best post-exercise beverage, then milk could be your best bet. Its high-quality protein help in the recovery process after an intense workout. However, if your body is intolerant to lactose, then you might want to consider other options presented in this article.

  1. Moderate Your Caffeine Intake

The first thing popping up in anyone’s mind when you mention tea and coffee is caffeine. Apart from its stimulation properties, caffeine can lead to dehydration when taken in excess. As such, if you’re already dependent on it and you find yourself drinking tea or coffee now and then, you might want to reconsider your habits.

Of course, you can still drink your favorite beverages but do so in moderation. After all, regulated intake can energize and hydrate your body.

  1. More Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables comprise at least 80% water, which makes them an excellent set of hydrating snacks. Wondering how this compares to highly processed food? Crackers, cookies, chips, cereals, and other similar foods contain less than 10% of water. 

Therefore, to remain hydrated throughout the day, you might want to consume as many vegetables and fruits as possible. Some of the best options you can start with include carrots, grapes, berries, oranges, melons, lettuce, and cabbages. 


Hydration is a very important aspect of healthy living. Losing water is inevitable, but how fast your body dehydrates depends on your daily activities and environment. Drinking plain water is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of replenishing yourself. 

Other ways of ensuring your body aren’t dehydrated are drinking tea and coffee in moderation, taking in a lot of fruits, vegetables, and consuming some milk. However, you should avoid milk if your body doesn’t tolerate lactose and other proteins contained in this beverage. There are many more options for you to consider apart from those listed in this article. Therefore, be sure to explore more expert-proven ideas.


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  1. Every time I try to increase my water intake, I end up going to the toilet so often that I give up. How do you overcome this? Does your body ever adapt?


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