3 Green-Friendly Water Bottles for Earth Day 2015

We’ve been talking about glass bottles quite a bit lately at Hydration Anywhere. It seems like an appropriate topic given that glass bottles are perhaps the greenest, most eco-friendly option for water bottles and Earth Day 2015 is just around the corner. On April 22nd, Earth Day will be held in celebration of our planet and to help raise awareness for environmental issues.

What better way to celebrate a cleaner Earth than by picking up a high quality, eco-friendly glass water bottle just in time for Earth Day? I could write much on the many benefits of a glass bottle (and I did, over in the “Why You Want a Glass Water Bottle” article,) but today I’m just going to highlight 3 great glass water bottles for Earth Day 2015.

1. ApaViata 18.5 Ounce Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle (~$18 on Amazon.com)
ApaViata 18.5 Ounce Stainless Steel and Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle

This super stylish offering from ApaViata is an eco-friendly pick all around. With 15% of revenues going towards the WorldHelp organization, ApaViata sales help to bring clean water to the places around the world which truly need it most.

Made from shatter-proof, super strong borosilicate glass, the ApaViata is unlikely to break. A neoprene sleeve coats the bottle to add to its visual appeal and also provides a great surface to grip the bottle.

Stay tuned to Hydration Anywhere for our comprehensive review of the ApaViata 18.5 Ounce Glass Water Bottle in the coming days!

2. Glasstic Shatterproof 16 Ounce Double-Walled Glass Water Bottle (~$20 on Amazon.com)
Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle

The double-walled construction of the Glasstic Shatterproof 16 Ounce provides a layer of protective plastic outside of the glass, to make the Glasstic supremely durable and shatterproof. All plastics used are BPA and phthalate free and do not come into contact with the liquid. The contents of the Glasstic bottle only ever come into contact with the pure glass container.

3. Lifefactory 22-Ounce Glass Water Bottle with Silicon Sleeve (~$25 on Amazon.com)Lifefactory 22-Ounce Glass Water Bottle with Silicon Sleeve

Lastly we have this neat Lifefactory glass water bottle with a brightly colored silicon sleeve. The sleeve provides a unique visual appeal to the Lifefactory bottle, but also makes it much easier to grip and keep hold of, and provides a bit of protection to the glass. The medical grade silicon flip-cap design makes getting your water easy whenever you need it and the whole bottle, sleeve, cap and all, are 100% dishwasher safe.

Happy Earth Day!

Remember to stay hydrated this Earth Day! Celebrate by taking action in your local community to make the Earth a little nicer.

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